What to do when you have the ‘lightbulb moment’

What do you do when you have an AHA moment? That lightbulb moment – the one that brings clarity to a confusing situation. The International Coach Federation calls this moment ‘Evokes Awareness’. It’s a core competency of coaching that  – through the use of powerful questioning, silence, metaphor or analogy – facilitates client insight and learning.

When you have your Aha moment, do you

  1. Use it to create change where needed, or
  2. Retreat because you’re not ready for change?

More than often I see resistance and retreat rather than readiness for change. It’s understandable: our brain likes certainty, not change. Change takes courage, a willingness to take risks and commitment. In this current Covid-19 situation, clients often say: “I’ll do x or y when things return to normal.” There’s a sense of looking back and living in a state of nostalgia.

What if we never go back to how things were? Should this be your Aha moment, you can choose to deny it or accept that it’s time to consider ways to make the most of our new way of living.

“The only constant in life is change.” Heraclitus

Are you ready to embrace or avoid change?

Where Corporate meets Wellness is riding on new awareness, understanding where it can take us, and embracing the constant change coming our way.


Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash