Emotional inflammation

Are you living with emotional inflammation? I’m not talking about the inflammation comes from eating inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy and sugar. We already know these can cause long-term inflammation linked to chronic disease.

I’m talking about the daily inflammation that causes anxiety, despair and depression. The unhealthy state coined ‘emotional inflammation’ by psychiatrist Dr. Lise Van Susteren and writer Stacey Colino that stems from living in today’s overwhelming, tumultuous world.

It’s time to change up the menu. Catching up on overnight messages for breakfast; consuming excess social media for lunch and snacks; devouring the negative news for dinner – this emotional inflammatory diet weighs you down, ultimately affecting your ability to function, focus and feel well.

You can ditch an unhealthy diet and feed your body and mind with the good stuff. Here’s how:

  • establish a media diet – be mindful of what you want to consume
  • determine your feeding hours – schedule times of the day to ingest the information
  • commit to a daily cut off time
  • define when you will take a media-fast


Where Corporate meets Wellness is consciously controlling your information feed to minimise emotional inflammation in our media-frenzied world.


Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash