“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

I can’t praise Cristina enough for her role as a coach and simply as a beautiful human being. She brings light to your life and acts as a guardian angel always there for you when you need her. I have learnt so much on this journey;  I’m a better person for meeting and working with Cristina – that is for sure. Thank you, Cristina, for your love, support and encouragement.

Call her now: it will be the best decision you ever make!

Elaine Champion, Head of Learning, Customer Experience. Cathay Pacific Airways

Cristina has had a huge effect on my career, giving me the tools to ensure I made the right impact when starting a new leadership role, sharing the low (& high) lights and helping me define what I was looking for going forward. Taking a few minutes at the beginning to breath and before each session started is something I have adopted in my daily life. I am now in a role that suits my preferences rather than just my skill set. Cristina helped identify this, which has enabled me to take a proactive approach to my career.

LC, Supply Chain and Logistics Senior Manager, Hong Kong

I started my journey with Cristina a few months after transferring from Latin America to Hong Kong. I don’t think I would have made it without her support. Cristina’s guidance to understand the local working culture was essential for me to succeed in Hong Kong.

Cristina also helped me to have a better understanding of myself and she introduced me to practices that improved my overall quality of life.  Her work has had a deep and positive impact on my life.

JC, Director, Hong Kong

I have worked with Cristina twice now: first for Bach Remedy when I was 16, and the second time for Iridology at the age of 23. I found that both times Cristina was incredibly understanding, empathetic and able to help me recognise my health issues in order to overcome them.

During my Iridology session with Cristina she identified health issues I was experiencing and also some issues I was not aware of. She made practical and helpful suggestions as to how to overcome and heal these health issues and gave me a feeling of empowerment in healing myself and living my best life. After my session I felt a huge sense of inspiration to move forward from these issues. She adapted her advice based on my lifestyle.

I am really grateful for all Cristina has done. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone seeking answers to health issues and to start their journey of healing.

OD, Trainee Solicitor, England

When I started this journey with Cristina, I needed help with my personal and professional life. From a personal point of view, I was becoming a father and needed to be able to focus on my family when it was time to do so. From a professional stand point, I needed help clarifying where I was going, the image I wanted to present at work, and how to get there.

I really enjoyed working with Cristina and felt her caring personality was reassuring. She helped me clearly identify my areas for improvement as well as tackle any issues flagged along the way.  Not only have I achieved the goals we set up at the beginning of our collaboration – both professionally and personally – but I am now better prepared to tackle possible future problems.

V. Bonnet, Director, Standard Chartered Bank, Hong Kong

I was first introduced to Cristina through a family member who had benefited from her coaching sessions. Having lost my job of 15 years as a Finance manager, I was struggling with feelings of low self-esteem, poor confidence and motivation. Initially, I was dubious about the benefits of coaching, however it turned out to be a life-changing experience, which has revolutionized me as a person. Cristina asked lots of probing questions and enabled me to identify and work on my personal areas for development. She also gave me remedy drops, which helped immensely. Shortly after my coaching sessions, I received my first job offer and thereafter several more. In my new role, I am more organized and performance-driven than ever before.

In my opinion, Cristina is a doctor, a psychologist, and a life coach all in one! I am eternally grateful to her for her time and support and would highly recommend her to anyone.

John P, Finance Industry, Hong Kong

I first heard about Iridology many years ago, and I was glad to have worked with Cristina as my first Iridologist. I immediately felt at ease with Cristina on our first consultation due to her caring and attentive manner, not to mention her fabulous smile! I had not disclosed much of my medical background, so found it very interesting when Cristina brought up various issues in my iridology analysis, which had also been diagnosed by other medical and holistic practitioners. Her suggestions for dietary and lifestyle changes were helpful, realistic and achievable. I found working with Cristina both informative and enjoyable.

GA, Hong Kong

Working with Cristina has increased my self-awareness, confidence and tapped into my strengths. This has enabled me to achieve goals within my working & personal environments. Her coaching sessions consistently provide fresh opportunities to discuss situations and share new ideas and techniques. Many of these techniques, I am using as part of my daily discipline and
I am really seeing the difference. Cristina’s approach is caring, structured and with the right amount of accountability. She works with you in partnership and you can always feel her positive energy which she shares in a genuine and productive manner. I feel my stress levels reducing and my overall energy levels rising, allowing me to work towards being all the things I want to be.

Caroline Higgins | Vice President – Transfer Agency. Investor Services

Cristina is a fantastic coach. She is sincere, empathetic and great at cutting through the emotional clutter to clearly map out issues that need to be worked on. With her guidance, I feel like I have been able to address my ‘baggage’ and build new skills to move forward. Highly recommend Cristina as a coach. I don’t know what I would have done without her!

Olivia, Digital Marketing

I am back to happy and you Cristina was my catalyst: Connecting me to my deepest self, to a creative journaling process and to the healing processes that have fixed my body and mind from the inside out. I thank you with sincerest love.

Sally, Managing Director, Hong Kong

As a secondary school student in Hong Kong the stress, pressure and expectation of doing well in exams and getting into a good university often caused me great distress. When I heard about the Bach Remedy Cristina practiced, I was eager to try it. Cristina listened to me as I spoke about the stress I was experiencing and was able to specifically pinpoint what I was feeling. She formulated a remedy that truly guided me and I felt the effects within the first few days. The Remedy elevated my stress and in doing so, improved my performance at school. I was able to concentrate better and it allowed me to focus on my work without feeling overwhelmed.

OD, Student, Hong Kong

Cristina is naturally gifted with her healing powers. I felt safe throughout the session, as she was gentle and calm, yet the results were so powerful. I was truly amazed by the results of one session and felt the answers continued to unfold days after the session. A very powerful experience if you are feeling stuck with any questions in life or if you need to regain some positive energy.

Kelly, Hong Kong

Cristina is a rare and talented healer who combines divine energy healing with crystals. She uses gentle touches inspired by a unique style and guided by her intuition. During the healing session, while experiencing different levels of energy shifts, she performed energy clearing, cleansing and re-charging to enhance the full potential healing of my body, mind and soul. I felt great after Cristina’s session.

Rebecca, Hong Kong

From the first time I met Cristina a few years ago, I enjoyed her gentle and joyful presence, and knew I’d go to her for an iridology reading.

Cristina’s iridology report was very clear. It was not a revolution for me, but it was a confirmation on many levels, and it was just what I needed. .. Her analysis and recommendations gave me the kick I needed to make some changes in my diet and in my way of life. As she insisted on the need to boost my digestion with fermented food, I started drinking Kefir water and have since seen amazing improvement within a matter of weeks ( I was quite surprised, because I didn’t think my digestion was that bad to begin with…). She also encouraged me to treat myself with more quiet time alone, and to surround myself with things I love. For some reason I had not realized that it was so important to me.

Sometimes, you need someone to express clear and loud things you suspect about yourself, and that’s what Cristina did for me… not to mention lots of practical information and her fabulous smile!

Florence, Hong Kong

My last Iridology assessment was 20 years ago and I remembered learning a lot from the process. I was at a crossroads with addressing some health issues and Cristina provided an informative and insightful report, which helped to triage the key areas to focus on in a holistic way. Our discussions during the assessment and after provided even more knowledge and support. Cristina then reviewed my three children and (reluctant) husband. They all thoroughly enjoyed working with Cristina. She has such a warm nature and is generous with her time and words. My husband found that the report made a lot of sense to him and is now interested in applying this knowledge. We are all committed to the changes recommended by Cristina. I highly recommend this path to any individual or family wanting to learn more about their inherited health, any impact from their physical environment, and what they can do to maximize their long term health.

Melissa, Chartered Accountant, Hong Kong

Cristina has incredible passion for Iridology and care for her clients. I felt comfortable with her immediately. She has great attention to detail and the report that she prepared was easy to read and shed new light on my health patterns that made sense to me. She was very positive and I left the consultation feeling empowered.

Sarah, Hong Kong

I contacted Cristina as I wanted to heal my skin issues and overall health holistically. I connected with her right away as she is very caring, calming and knowledgeable. With my iridology report, many of my symptoms were confirmed and she was able to suggest areas to focus on to nurture and improve my health. She put together a specific plan including diet, supplements, and superfoods which have helped me tremendously. Emotions also came up in my report and I followed up with the Bach Flower Remedy which was a lifesaver. After a few weeks, I felt much more balanced, calmer and in touch with myself. I highly recommend Cristina and am extremely grateful she was able to help me on my journey to healing naturally.

MF, Hong Kong

I have been to many healers and Cristina definitely impressed me. Experience and intuition coupled with exceptional skills in iridology and crystals enables her to clarify the unseen pattern of ongoing emotions, energy blockages and belief systems that rests in all of us. Not only does she decipher the message you need to hear, she delivers it in the firm but gentle way needed to fully absorb its wisdom. All you have to do is be open-minded and listen attentively. Growth and change can only come from inside. This is your job, nobody can do it for you – but it certainly helps to have a guiding hand on the way. Cristina is that guiding hand.

Catarina Lilliehöök, Journalist, Hong Kong

Cristina is a professional colleague and I have no hesitation in recommending her as an iridologist. Iris analysis has always interested me – how you can tell so much about the body from the eyes. I have had iridology consultations in the past but what makes the difference – the cutting edge – is the practitioner. And in this Cristina excels. She is clearly passionate about her work and this makes her pay attention to the tiniest details so that she can present you with a full analysis of both current problems and your predisposition to develop issues. Her delivery is genuinely caring and her follow up with individually specific materials is fantastic. She empowers you with knowledge and with her enthusiasm to pay close attention to your health, present and future.

C Rogers, counsellor and coach, HK

Cris has a calm and insightful energy that she brings to her coaching sessions. She listens and does not judge but she asks the right question at the right time to really make you think and reflect deeply. Her background in neuroscience combined with her Bach Remedies and Iridology made for a very ‘holistic’ yet practical coaching experience. She was always prepared to work with me at a level I was comfortable with but somehow challenged me at the same time to go further and make change. All done in a very supportive and caring way, with love.

ZC, L&D Head, Professional Services

I have known Cristina for many years and know her as an excellent coach who cares deeply about her clients. Yet although I know Cristina well I was not familiar with Iridology and was curious about what this particular tool could offer me.

The Iridology session provided me with great insight into what foods, and lifestyle choices could be good (or not good) for me. I was truly impressed not only by what the Iridology revealed but by Cristina’s wealth of knowledge around the physical and emotional aspects of wellbeing! She is truly aware of wellbeing from all angles and shared this with me in a supportive and caring manner, which helped me to take responsibility for my own health issues.

Carole Lewis, HK

Living with allergies and chronic eczema from an early age, I’d tried multiple alternative approaches. I thought there was nothing more that I could learn to manage my health challenges, but Cristina surprised me. With thoughtfulness and sensibility, Cristina gently yet firmly puts things into perspective. Thanks to her positive approach, I am optimistic and inspired to approach my health with a fresh pair of eyes. She’s helped to me not only understand the physical, emotional and the energetic aspects, but also guided me toward immediate empowerment. I am so grateful I’ve welcomed Cristina to my world and my health – she’s had such an impact on my treatment and already made significant, sustainable improvements to my wellbeing.

Evelin Keller, DB, Hong Kong