Individual and Group Wellness Services

Crystal Healing

A gentle therapy that uses crystals and gemstones as conduits for natural healing energy. The stones remove negative, stagnant energy and allow positive, healing energy to flow through and holistically harmonize your mind, body and emotions.

Crystal healing is known to

  • Balance your physical, mental and emotional bodies, so you tap into your inner power and truth
  • Cleanse your aura field and release suppressed emotions
  • Balance personal energy by balancing your Chakras
  • Empower you to access and amplify your healing power
  • Re-connect you to your inner being and inner child
  • Ground and re-center you for greater focus and personal growth
  • Support you through the different stages and phases in life

Bach Flower Remedies

A 100% natural healing method developed in the 1920’s by Dr. Edward Bach to address emotional imbalances that impact health and wellbeing.

The system consists of 38 flower-based remedies that gently restore your mind-body balance by casting out negative emotions like fear, worry, frustration, and indecision, and addressing any other negative emotions interfering with the equilibrium of your being as a whole.

Bach remedies are known to

  • Restore the balance between your mind and body 
  • Help you navigate strong emotional states of imbalance with greater ease
  • Restore calm and groundedness, so you’re emotionally balanced to deal with difficult situations 
  • Support you through times of personal crisis and emergencies


A non-invasive science and practice of eye analysis that can reveal your relative state of health, and an awareness tool that can support your health from a prevention-approach.

Iridology is known to

  • Reveal genetic predispositions
  • Create awareness of the areas of your body that are inherently strong or need greater attention
  • Map the location of over-activity, inflammation, toxicity and stresses providing clues to potential health problems
  • Indicate nutritional and/or chemical imbalances
  • Support the creation of a healthier and happier lifestyle
  • Empower you to take ownership of your health
  • Reveal your emotional blueprint
  • Reveal energetic imbalances

Disclaimer:  Iridology cannot show, identify or diagnose specific medical diseases, but rather it provides information about the body tissues that can indicate a predisposition to a specific illness, often before symptoms appear. It cannot detect parasites or germs, but will indicate the presence of inflammation or a toxic condition, which could be a precursor to their development. 


A form of devotional chanting of mantras that originated in India that allows people to access inner peace, calm, connection, and state of mindfulness. Singing is the heart of Kirtan where our voices merge together to become One Voice.

Originally written in Sanskrit, Kirtan has a strong energetic and vibrational component. Chanting can create a powerful vibration in your body, enhancing your mind and spirit. No knowledge of Sanskrit is needed to receive and experience the yogic benefits of Kirtan.

Kirtan is known to

  • Gently clear and balance the mind
  • Bring inner peace
  • Cleanse the subconscious mind
  • Release old emotions
  • Create a state of presence and awareness
  • Help you reconnect with the Divinity that resides in all of us
  • Allow you to experience self-compassion 

Wellness Services Formats


One to one private sessions

  • Support your personal individual and unique needs
  • Private and confidential to respect your being
  • Professional set up with sessions at renown Wellness Centre in HK; Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI)


Group workshops

  • Educational and Awareness for groups
  • Sharing of practical tools and techniques for personal care
  • Minimum of 10 participants

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