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Bach Flower Remedies for Animals

Welcome. If you’re here, it’s likely because you want the animal in your life to live happy and well.

As an animal lover myself, I appreciate pets are a big and beautiful part of our lives. They’re our family, community, and source of joy. In their own unique way, they bring wonder, peace and contentment. And the benefits of having them by our side are limitless:  we exercise more, socialise more, and love more too.

So naturally, when our best friends are feeling imbalanced or unwell, we feel and fear for them. Depending on their background, current life experiences, stage of life, and health condition, animals can experience a range of imbalanced emotional states. When trying to help, we may innocently and inappropriately use anthropomorphism – the application of human interpretations and experiences to an animal’s behaviour. We may label behaviours: ‘he is naughty’; ‘she is jealous’; ‘he hates other animals’, which can lead to misunderstanding of their needs to help them cope with daily life. We may then deploy support, tools and techniques that do not work.

Developed in the 1920’s by Dr Edward Bach, Bach Flower Remedies are an all-natural healing method that addresses the emotional imbalances that impact wellness and wellbeing. Bach Flower Remedies can help humans and pets too.

The system consists of 38 flower-based remedies that gently restore mind-body balance by casting out negative emotions like fear, trauma, inability to cope, repetitive unwanted thoughts and other negative emotions that interfere with the equilibrium of one’s being as a whole.

Safe and effective, Bach Flower Remedies can help your animal with common behaviours and imbalanced emotional states including:

  • Anxiety – separation anxiety, playdates, park visits
  • Fear – vet consults, going out, of other animals
  • Trauma – surgeries, accidents and traumatic life events
  • Overwhelms – inability to cope with new home, new family in adoption/ change of owners, homes, countries, vets and resistance to training
  • Depression – aging, loss of partner, loss of owner or caregiver
  • Overenthusiasm – over-excitement when going out, meeting people

You are not alone. If your pet presents any of the behaviours or emotions above, reach out so we can work together towards their wellness and wellbeing. Currently, I can support you with smaller pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters.

How we can work together

Partnering with you, I will assess your animal’s emotional state, delve into their current situation and breed to further understand their traits and needs, and support you with the insight to appropriately and effectively support your animal.  By finding the right Flower Remedies we can rebalance your animal’s emotional states, so they are emotionally balanced in their normal day to day interactions and activities. To treat your animal comprehensively and holistically, I can also collaborate with other professionals committed to your pet’s care: trainers, behaviouralists and veterinarians.

Every animal deserves to be understood, loved and nurtured back to optimal health. It is with this understanding and support that we can positively contribute to and influence the wellbeing of animals.

Training and Certifications

Cristina Rodenbeck is a Bach Flower Remedies Registered Animal Practitioner (BFRAP) and a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner (BFRP). In her practice she abides by the principles and practices of The Bach Centre, UK and Natural Animal Centre, UK (NAC).

As a BFRAP, Cristina wants to ensure animal clients have been checked for any undiagnosed veterinary condition before attempting to select remedies for their emotions. This may include contacting your vet.



Bach Flower Remedies cannot substitute a veterinarian’s diagnosis and prescribed treatment. Veterinarians are the sole authority on diagnosis, and subsequent requirements and guidance on treatment and drug prescription for animals.

Who inspires me?

This work is dedicated to the pet companions that made my life rich, colourful and meaningful – late Sam and now Luna. It is by understanding them, their backgrounds and their emotional needs that I felt inspired to study Bach Flower Remedies for Animals so I can help other animals and families in need.