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Where Corporate Meets Wellness

Work well. Be well.

Are you paying a high price for success? If you’re sacrificing your health, personal life or happiness to climb or stay atop the corporate ladder, please know you don’t have to. You can achieve all that you want to and more while maintaining personal wellbeing. There are better ways to thrive at work, at home and in life.

But when you’re overwhelmed and overworked, it can be difficult to break free from work and life stressors and see all the possibilities. Like many professionals, you may be on auto-pilot: you don’t have the time, space or energy to create the life you want. This is risky.

If you’re not living your life with purpose and intention, you’re at risk of chronic stress, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, burn-out and more. Your self-esteem, motivation and relationships suffer and you cannot access your personal power to create change.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. And, you don’t need to.

It is possible to upskill and take care of your wellbeing, all while thriving at work. In fact, it’s proven: when you show up to work healthy, happy and in harmony, you’re more productive and more able to beat – not just meet –  performance targets.

Manipura Wellness Practice provides personalised programs to ensure you work and live well. Here, you’ll find solutions that empower you to succeed with personal and professional resilience.

It’s time to refill your cup.

Work well

Upskilling is about

  • Having the skill set you need to perform
  • Becoming more effective in what you do
  • Feeling motivated to achieve greater realms
  • Feeling a sense of reward
  • Building the right networks and creating strong alliances
  • Becoming an inspiration to others
  • Knowing that you can contribute to a greater good

Be Well

Optimal wellness is about

  • Feeling more creative
  • Being better equipped to make sound decisions
  • Feeling at ease as you navigate strong emotional states
  • Developing a greater window of tolerance
  • Feeling more connected with others and being more collaborative
  • Being more resourceful
  • Becoming an all-round better human being

Manipura Services

Optimizing your performance, health and wellbeing

Wellness Resources

As Featured In

Recordings / Interviews

Cristina shares with entrepreneurs and organizations how wellness coaching helps people leverage and ignite their true power.

7 April 2020

Cristina shares with entrepreneurs and organizations how limiting beliefs can hold us back and that we all deserve to dream.

19 Sept 2020

Cristina joins Inspiring Girls Hong Kong as a volunteer role model.

13 January 2021

Cristina joins Jules Hannaford of Hong Kong Confidential to share her story, the motivation behind Manipura Wellness Practice, and how she fulfills her mission to support people to live and work their best.

14 May 2021

Cristina joins Nicky Robertson from Holistic Wellbeing to explore how Sound healing, also known as vibrational healing, is one of many ways you can bring about balance and harmony.

22 June 2021

Wellness Workshops

New workshops are brewing and coming soon.

Corporate Clients

Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI)  ·  Lidl ·  BASF ·  Logitech ·  SwissRe ·  Deutsche Bank ·  Versace ·  Dunhill ·  AECOM ·  MGPA

Club Med ·  Hasbro ·  Swire ·  Cathay Pacific ·  Barclays ·  BBH ·  Unilever ·  Coca-Cola ·  Philip Morris ·  Mattel ·  Top Toy

Manipura: the center of your power

At the heart of my work lies a commitment to activate your inner power. Manipura is your third primary chakra, according to Hindu tradition. It’s your ‘jewel city’- the center of your power.

When your Manipura is activated, you’ll feel empowered, energised and engaged.

You’ll feel greater joy, fulfilment and balance.

You’ll feel mindful and content in your work, home life and relationships.

You’ll feel at peace – and with peace comes greater wellbeing, productivity and success.

You can create a life worth living: a life that’s mindful, meaningful and memorable.
What are you waiting for?
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