What lies beneath

Leaders, do you see what lies beneath the sea?

“She’s not doing what I asked her to do.” “He’s not listening to me.” “They don’t respect me.”

These are assumptions based on the behaviours you see. Like the iceberg, you see what’s visible to the eye. But, our behaviours are a consequence of our thoughts, how we process the world, how we feel about people and things, and the baggage we carry.

Invisible to the eye. Below the sea. They drive the iceberg.

If you want to understand and change behaviour, take the plunge. Ask questions:

“I noticed the report is different from what we had agreed on, is there any reason for that?”

“I sense you are not aligned with the plan; can you share your concerns with me?”

“I feel you are not happy with my suggested action points. Can you share your thoughts with me?”

It’s about promoting partnership and collaboration. When leaders behave like coaches, hierarchy, command and driving give way to self-motivation, creativity, and greater accountability. You co-create and you steer the corporate ship together.

Where Corporate meets Wellness is when leaders stop assuming and start asking. You create strong partnerships not because you demand it but because you facilitate it.


Photo by Derek Oyen on Unsplash