Creating positive change

A Dutch teenager had a dream to clean up the world’s oceans.¬†

A Japanese doctor shook and inspired his troubled company to become leaders in global health issues.

A stressed executive inspired her company to implement mindfulness at work programs.

Being passionate about a cause is like having a ūüĒ• burning inside you. You feel compelled to¬†create awareness and the courage to create change. Communicating with your words and actions, carving out solutions, and creating meaningful movement becomes your mission.¬†

Your flame will not and cannot be extinguished. Quite the contrary. When you use your  personal power, vision and beliefs to create positive change, you ignite the passion and purpose in others to follow suit. 

This is one of many lessons we can learn from the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who fought for gender equality with the support of many passion-driven women. Together, they created change.

Unleash the fire within you. What changes do YOU want to make at home, at work, in the community? How can you create a better world?

Where Corporate meets Wellness is when you’re consciously aware of your passions and you take action to create positive change. In this way, you too will leave a legacy of a life worth living. 


Photo by Pixaby