The signs that you’re sleep-deprived

Not again! You’ve forgotten the details discussed at last week’s meeting and you didn’t take notes. What’s up with your memory nowadays?!

Are you sleep-deprived by any chance?

Sleep deprivation is a common complaint for Hong Kong executives. Sleep preps the brain for the next day by forming new pathways for learning and memory retention. If you’re not getting a full night’s sleep you WILL start to drop the ball.

I see 3 recurring causes amongst my executive coaching clients:


  1. Emotional Stress – the high demands for performance combined with long working hours, especially for clients with regional roles and late night calls
  2. Environmental Stimulation – HK’s overwhelming noise & light stimulation and electromagnetic field
  3. Bad habits – 24/7 device connectivity, alcohol and sugar as go-tos to wind down. These make matter worse as you fall into a survival cycle that is difficult to break alone.


Most executives reach out for help only when they notice cognitive decline – when their memory, focus, clarity and decision making skills falter. Why wait till you get to that point?

Where Corporate meets Wellness is actively reaching out for help and getting those sleep hours in to support your brain, body and mind for success.


Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash