Healing is possible

Heal: opening minds and hearts to holistic healing.


A new documentary wins our hearts: HEAL.

Often, on our quest for healing, we forget a fundamental truth: our bodies are interconnected systems that depend on each other to function. Healing, therefore, is complex and it can never consist of one unique formula. Collating the insight and experiences of scientists, healers, renown spiritual teachers and patients, Heal cleverly navigates the complexities of holistic healing.

As a wellness coach, wellness practitioner, and patient, I treasure teachings that are educational and holistic, and that acknowledge the role of energy.

Based on my learnings from the documentary, latest research, and my professional experience, I’m sharing five observations that I hope will serve you on your healing journey:

Lesson One: Your mindset plays a huge role in healing. There’s the diagnosis (the condition by observation of symptoms), and there’s the prognosis (a prediction of the course and outcomes of the condition). Your mind commands the prognosis, and this is where you can exercise power.

Lesson Two: Your emotions need to be addressed. Our life experiences can create deep emotional scars, which we often suppress to allow us to cope, survive, and move on. But they are imprinted in every cell of the body. Fear, for instance,  is a negative emotion that can bring hopelessness, despair and pessimism. Driven by negative experiences and negative expectations, the mind, in turn, programs all the body cells to respond to negativity. In healing our emotions, we invite hope, trust, and optimism.

Lesson Three: Epigenetics – yes, we have the power to manage gene activation. We are not our parents nor grandparents and we are not sentenced to their diagnosis and disease.

Lesson Four: The human body is amazingly resourceful in healing itself. Work with it and will work with you!

Lesson Five: Energy matters. Quantum studies teach us that everything is energy – as all things are made of atoms we are energy, and we connect with the universe and all beings through our energy. Quantum Field Healing work invites us to look at a disease or illness not as a physical isolated phenomenon, but as the energy waves (or vibrations) that originated from the quantum field. In this way, we don’t see disease as a physical thing, but rather as patterns of energy and vibrations that can be changed. And this is where the mind, visualization, and energy healing can play a role.

Would you like to know more about your body’s phenomenal ability to heal? Here are four inspiring reads:

  • Dying To Be Me by Hong Kong former executive coach, Anita Moorjani
  • It’s the Thought That Counts by pharmaceutical scientist Dr David R Hamilton, PhD
  • Perfect Health by a leading authority on alternative medical methods Deepak Chopra MD
  • The Fear Cure: Cultivating Courage as Medicine for the Body, Mind and Soul by Lissa Rankin, M.D.

Sometimes, life will throw a curveball – an unexpected (or expected) devastating diagnosis. We are not victims: we have power. Diagnosis is NOT prognosis.  Whilst we can’t always control the outcome, we do have the power to change our lifestyle, our diet, and our attitude. As Dr David Hamilton says: It’s your attitude that counts.

We wish you all hope and healing.

Cristina Rodenbeck

Manipura Wellness Practice.

Photo Credit: Alexei Scurati, Unsplash