Your biography; your biology

This month, as we acknowledge World Health Day, let’s think about our family health genes. Are our physical, mental, emotional and energetic health challenges entirely our own or are they an unavoidable consequence of our relationships with grandparents, parents and siblings?


In her groundbreaking book “Childhood Disrupted – How your biography becomes your biology; and how you can heal”, award-winning science journalist Donna Jackson Nakazawa explores the link between our life experiences and adult illnesses. Scientists now know on a bio-chemical level exactly how traumatic life experiences such as family violence, death in the family, being bullied or having an alcoholic parent can be. Such experiences leave permanent, physical “fingerprints” on our brains, hence impacting our emotional and physical health.


Physical and emotional health come hand-in-hand. We cannot look into one without looking into the other. Only by healing our inside, can we endeavor to heal our outside..


In this month’s newsletter, I’d like to share with you ways in which we can lay to rest emotional trauma and, as a result, lead healthier, happier and longer lives.


Iridology, insights into our body and life

We live in a pill-popping culture. We all-too-easily rely on antibiotics and prescription drugs to provide our bodies with temporary relief. This, in my opinion, is a defeatist approach. We are giving in and giving away our body’s innate healing power to someone else.


That someone else might be a conventional practitioner, one who can see what’s going on outside our bodies, yet is entirely oblivious to what’s going on inside. Remember, holistic healing comes from addressing physical and emotional challenges.


Iridology is the science and practice of eye analysis that dates back to Egypt (the Eye of Horus), the Bible and 19th century Europe. It has since evolved in extraordinary ways to reveal what goes beyond the body and often answering what a conventional approach cannot.


This quote is an excellent reference on what the human eye represents:


“The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear,

your whole body will be full of light”.


The iris is a genetic map – our physical and emotional blueprint – that we all carry and all can access so we have the information we need to take care of ourselves holistically – body, mind and soul. By truly understanding our body in its entirety, we take back our power and bring light to heal ourselves from within.


Modern-day physical and emotional iridology analysis can uncover:


  • a person’s relative state of health
  • genetic predispositions
  • areas of the body that are inherently strong or need nurturing
  • location of over-activity, inflammation, toxicity and stresses providing clues to potential health problems
  • nutritional and/ or chemical imbalances
  • your genetic personality blueprint and emotions that affect the physical being
  • emotional patterns on how we communicate, relate and behave inhereted from family
  • spiritual growth and needs that have been unattended


What have we inherited from our genetic tree? What are the life experiences that we are imprinting in our bodies, cells and impacting our health? What is our body and soul asking of us? Here’s what a few of our clients have experienced through iridology:


(Testimonial 1)

I contacted Cristina as I wanted to heal my skin issues and overall health holistically. With my iridology report, many of my symptoms were confirmed and she was able to suggest areas to focus on to nurture and improve my health. She put together a specific plan including diet, supplements, and superfoods which have helped me tremendously.  Emotions also came up in my report and I followed up with the Bach Flower Remedy which was a lifesaver. After a few weeks, I felt much more balanced, calmer and in touch with myself.  I am extremely grateful Cristina was able to help me on my journey to healing naturally.


MF, Hong Kong


(Testimonial 2)

I have been to many healers and Cristina definitely impressed me. Experience and intuition coupled with exceptional skills in iridology and crystals enables her to clarify the unseen pattern of ongoing emotions, energy blockages and belief systems that rests in all of us. Not only does she decipher the message you need to hear, she delivers it in the firm but gentle way needed to fully absorb its wisdom. All you have to do is be open-minded and listen attentively. Growth and change can only come from inside. This is your job, nobody can do it for you – but it certainly helps to have a guiding hand on the way. Cristina is that guiding hand.


Catarina Lilliehöök, Journalist, Hong Kong


Embrace your health holistically, and unravel the mysteries of your health through physical and emotional iridology.  Information will empower you to explore your unique physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and allow you to heal from within so you re-write your biography for greater longevity and a healthy biology!


Manipura Wellness Practice



Recipe of the month


Green for Life

Greater longevity and greater health is a body free from inflammation, in a more alkaline state and nutritionally fulfilled. Green Smoothies and Green Juices are fabulous ways to start your day as they offer many life-enhancing health benefits. Here are a few benefits of Green Smoothies and a simple recipe to get you started!


Benefits of green smoothies:

  • natural energy booster
  • raw vegan drink, suits any diet
  • high in chlorophyll (energy source of plants, nature)
  • high fiber (cellulose)
  • high minerals
  • high anti-oxidant to fight disease and aging of cells
  • great ‘alkalinizer’ – good for acidosis in blood and keep blood alkaline
  • best fast food there is and easy to prepare anytime


The main trick with Green Smoothies is keep the winner formula: leafy greens + fruit + liquid base.


One of our favorite juices packed with anti-oxidants and magnesium to fight the impact of stress in our tissues and cells is Banana Goes Berry.


What you need

1 cup (100g) fresh strawberries or blueberries

2 large bananas or 3-4 small bananas

1 teaspoon of Maca powder

ó head romaine lettuce

1-2 cups water (240-380 ml)



  1. Tightly pack leafy greens in a measuring cup and then toss into blender.
  2. Add water and blend together until all leafy chunks are gone.
  3. Add chosen berries, bananas, Maca powder and blend again until smooth.
  4. Serve and enjoy!


Tip: Add in superfoods and high-nutrition foods to make your smoothies even more energizing!


Chia seeds Maca powder Cocoa powder Goji berries
Coconut oil Flax seeds Cinnamon Nutritional yeast
Almond butter Hemp seeds Acai powder Bee polen



April Events

15 April Kirtan at LuminusLink

Due to popular demand, we are delighted to offer an additional devotional Kirtan session this month at LuminusLink. Together we expand our devotion for Kirtan in Hong Kong.

25 April Kirtan at Alive Wellness

Monthly devotional Kirtan sessions where voices unite for powerful healing to take place. Together we help our body sooth and release emotions through the powerful sounds produced by ancient sacred mantras.


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