If you’re struggling to fulfil your plans, you may be on the wrong rung

Last week, I shared about planning (as much as possible) your way through the pandemic. David Rock, author of Quiet Leadership, says there are 5 different ways we can think about or communicate our projects, tasks, processes and goals. He calls this the Choose Your Focus model.


  1. Vision      2. Planning        3. Detail     4. Problem       5. Drama


Imagine a ladder. Most of us spend too much time on the Detail rung. Become too burdened with the nitty gritty Detail and you drop to the Problem and Drama rungs. You lose sight of the big picture; you become emotionally charged and tired too. You’re far off from your achieving your Vision.

Highly effective leaders and executives are disciplined in their thoughts and conversations. They diligently focus on ensuring they’re productive and moving up, not down the ladder. When they catch themselves getting stuck in the detail, they steer back in the right direction to ensure they never lose sight of their vision.

Where Corporate meets Wellness is having awareness of where your focus is, taking steps to achieve WHAT you want rather than getting stuck on HOW to do it.


Photo by Tommy Pixel from Pixabay