How to build Emotional Wisdom

I’ve been asking clients to share how they’ve been feeling as Hong Kong navigates a third wave of Covid19. Typically, the responses have been anxiety, concern, anger, fear and a sense of defeat. They ask me what to do, how to be optimistic, ditch the negativity and keep on going.

In her book Emotional Wisdom, Lynn Macwhinnie says every emotion presents a fork in the road and – consciously or not – we choose the path we take. For example, we may select anger and disappointment, or joy and courage.

By default, our brain in times of uncertainty chooses concern and fear – it’s our body’s age-old ‘fight and flight’ response for survival.  It’s possible, however, to train the brain to choose optimism in challenging times.

Here are 5 tips I share with clients:


💡Plan as much as you can to add some certainty to your day.

💡Read books that feed the mind and soul.

💡Surround yourself with positive people.

💡Adopt daily nurturing practices such as meditation, mindfulness or virtual time with friends.

💡Adopt a gratitude practice. Count your blessings.


As the adage goes: “It takes both sunshine and rain to make a rainbow”.

Where Corporate meets Wellness is when you embrace the rain and find the sunshine.


Photo by Sydney Rae on Unsplash