How to access your intuition

Intuition – one of the greatest gifts you have to guide you in times of doubt and uncertainty. Arianna Huffington describes it as a hunch: the inkling that your inner voice is telling you to do or step away from something. Our ancestors used it to survive; can you access your intuition too?

Imagine you have antennas that pick up on frequencies within the environment and from people. It picks up on people’s intentions and emotions too. But there are other frequencies causing interference: digital devices, the internet, TV and more. Your antennas become overwhelmed and they start to get mixed messages.

By clearing the pathways, you can access your intuition. Here’s how:


  1. Sleep to improve your attention span, focus and memory.
  2. Adopt a mind practice like mindfulness, meditation or yoga to still your mind from outside noise.
  3. Schedule screentime, so you define the amount of time you use your devices and then park them.


We live in a world of busyness and endless distractions, but you still hold the power (and right!) to access your wisdom.

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Photo by Emile Guillemot on Unsplash