Do you have a mind practice?

When I ask my clients what their mind practice is, they often stare back at me puzzled.

We often focus on body practices for physica lhealth – the gym, swimming, and more. Body practices keep our body healthy, muscles toned, cardiovascular system strong and they pump in feel-good hormones.

But, what about mind practices for mental health? The mind body connection is real. One cannot be strong, healthy and resilient without the other.

If your mind is caught up in daily stories, the circle of concern, and rumination, you embark in strong emotional states, arousing the limbic brain, which sends messages to the body to prepare for the worse.

Mindfulness, Breathing, Meditation, Visioning and Affirmations exercises – such daily practices boost the mind and protect the body from the damages of stress-related physiological responses.

When implementing a mind practice, try this:

  • Start the day with breathing and centering exercises to prepare the mind for the day
  • Learn techniques to diffuse high emotional states, versus exploding
  • Wind down at night by switching TV, wine and ice cream for music, reading and breathing practices

Where Corporate meets Wellness is when you actively support body and mind for greater resilience.


Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash