Are you in the blind spot?

And there you were thinking your manager was onside when you vented about your annoying team members and their behaviour! Instead, she thought you were a chronic complainer. Why?

Perhaps you’re in the Blind Spot.

According to the Johari Window – a powerful model identified by late psychologists Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham – we have 4 possible perception experiences in a group context.


  1. The Open Self – what you and others are aware of
  2. The Blind Self (blind spot) – what others are aware of, but you aren’t
  3. Hidden self – what you’re aware of, but others aren’t
  4. Unknown self – what you and others are unaware of


Blindspots can become your danger zone. Which is why your words and actions can trigger unexpected responses in others.

How do you get out of the blind spot? Feedback

Feedback may feel like a giant bucket of ice cold water hurled at you, but it’s essential for greater self awareness and growth. In fact, we owe it to each other to provide constructive feedback for improved communication within teams.

Where Corporate meets Wellness is when we are willing to accept feedback, be open for growth and work on personal development.


Photo by Kirill Balobanov on Unsplash