Are emotions getting in the way of your success? Step off the Drama rung

We all get emotionally charged at work and in life from time to time. Projects, tasks, relationships and office politics are bound to create frictions and frustration. It’s human and expected.

But, if we stay in a place of Drama, our ‘emotional centre’ (Limbic Brain) gets activated and overrides our ‘business centre’ (Pre-Frontal Cortex). Our ability to zoom out, have clarity and regain our Vision is compromised.

If we get locked in that state, we further trigger our Amygdala and activate our flight, flight or freeze responses. In those states we certainly cannot do business!

There are many excellent tools to help you step up and out of Drama. The Labelling technique is one of them. Label the emotions you are feeling such as anger, frustration, bewilderment, angst, disappointment. Not only will this help to de-active your Limbic Brain, it’ll expand your emotional vocabulary, which is key in developing Emotional Intelligence.

Where Corporate meets Wellness is acknowledging you were triggered and consciously addressing your emotions to help you move onwards and upwards.


Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash