Acknowledge your Circles. Because stressing about everything will solve nothing

Feel like you’re losing control? You’re not alone: a curveball like no other, the global pandemic has taken over our lives in countless ways. Many are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.


What CAN you control in these difficult times?


Acknowledge your Circles.

Like me, you have one circle of influence and one circle of concern.

Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, advises that these circles represent the two areas where you can focus your time and energy: the circle of concern (all concerns) and the circle of influence (the things you can actually influence and possibly change).

Most people spend significant time focussing on what’s inside their Circle of Concern, stressing over things they simply can’t control or change.

Highly effective people, however, think and act primarily within their Circle of Influence. They put aside what they can’t control, focusing instead on issues where they can make a difference.

Take control of what you can change; let go of what you can’t.

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Photo by Juan Sisinni on Unsplash