Mindful Year for all

2015 is here and many of us may be thinking on how to make the most of it. Some of us may have goals and a plan in place and some of us may use January to think about it.

  • Do you have the work-life balance you wanted?
  • Are you living mindfully all your work and life experiences?
  • What would you be ready to change?
  • Have you explored Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an antidote to the modern 24/7 connectivity and information overload challenges we face where our minds are adrift, caught up elsewhere failing to live and enjoy the present moment, the now.  Focus, presence, and being actively in the moment helps us to achieve a state of being that allows greater connections with others, greater effectiveness in what we do, and very importantly, great peace of mind.

Embrace Mindfulness and make 2015 a Year of Mindful Choices

Think of 2015 of a year where you can build new habits and live more mindfully at work and at home. What would be your new mindful choices?

At work:

  • Mindful emails – can we manage our emails one at a time?
  • Mindful meetings – do we really need to bring our mobiles, digital devices and computers to our meetings?
  • Mindful connections – can we improve our listening skills in our conversations?

At Home:

  • Mindful conversations – can we connect with our loved ones without our devices or any distractions in hands and really listen to what they are saying?
  • Mindful meals – can we turn off the TV, mobiles and pads to enjoy our nutrition?
  • Mindful time out – can we call it a day and learn when to switch off so we can connect more with our loved ones and have more time for ourselves?

The success of 2015 is really up to you and the changes you are ready to make.  Make it work for you, live it, seize it because it has only 365 days and you will not be able to rewind it.