Building Your Personal Energy In 2015

Many of us spend much of our time working through our long to do lists, social media, entertaining friends, clients and working out,  which creates a hectic and full day with the limited 24 hours we have.  Even so, we still end the day with unfinished tasks and feeling overwhelmed.

In today’s fast speed and 24/7 interconnected world, managing our personal energy is key for greater effectiveness rather than a focus of managing our time. New research and approaches show that a focus on managing energy is the key to enduring:

  • High performance;
  • Health;
  • Happiness; and
  • Life balance.

Our personal energy is not limited and it something we can rebuild and recharge throughout the day based on the choices we make.

Tony Schwartz, author of The Power of Full Engagement, uses an interesting metaphor to explain his theories: rather than treating our life and businesses as a marathon, Schwartz advises we treat them as sprints and recovery.  Recovery is the key, take for example high preforming athletes.

We all know we are going to have peaks in our life that require a certain amount of energy to be focused; this could be either in your professional and personal life. However, it’s imperative that we build it in equal parts recovery.

Are you making room for the recovery you need?

Inspired by Tony Schwartz here are some energy building tips for your day:

  • Schedule time for some exercise – be it before, during or after work. This need not be a ‘power’ workout, a walk, jog, yoga would be sufficient.
  • Mindfulness moments – take a few minutes break throughout the day to reflect on your work.   Are you focused on important tasks and not just the urgent emails or tasks?
  • Double the break time you think you need – we often underestimate how much time we need to recover our energy
  • Enlist family and friends – make time for the important people in life that elevate you further to feel more energized
  • Listen to your body and learn when to call it a day.  Avoid reaching an exhaustion point which is usually very difficult to rebuild.

Effective management of our ENERGY and not TIME is what will lead us to a prosperous , balanced and happy life.