“By chanting, we strip away our outer appearances, our smaller selves, to let the light of our true nature shine forth.”

Rabbi Tizah Firestone

Kirtan: Together, We Are One

Kirtan – a form of devotional chanting of mantras that originated in India – is a traditional practice that allows people to access inner peace, calm, connection, and mindfulness.. Singing is the heart of Kirtan where our voices merge together to become One Voice.

Kirtans were originally written in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language. The Sanskrit alphabet has a strong energetic and vibrational component—it is said that the words, when chanted, create a powerful vibration in the body, affecting a person’s mind and spirit. No knowledge of Sanskrit is needed to receive and experience the yogic benefits of Kirtan.

Photo by Sakshi Verma

Join us as our voices unite with the soothing chants of internationally renowned Kirtan artists – Snatam Kaur, Deva Premal, Krishna Das, Nirijan Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, Ajeet Kaur and many more – for powerful healing to take place!

When: We have weekday and weekend events and you can join our Kirtan WhatsApp Community to learn more.

Kirtan WhatsApp Community: Please WhatsApp 9126.3747 to join our growing community of chanters from all walks of life. I will share details of upcoming events, Spotify playlists, mantra teachings and healing tips.

Note: Bring or come in comfortable clothes as we will be sitting on the floor. Feel free to also bring your personal crystals or mala beads for more energy and connection.

May we find peace, may we find healing and may together we become One Voice.